Polly Butler

Movement · Meditation · Mantra · Philosophy · Embodiment

Originally from the UK, Polly has facilitated trainings, retreats and workshops worldwide for the past 4 years, and continues to operate with no fixed base. With a BSc in Physics, a long-term background in dance, and many years of self-study into philosophy, she met yoga as the culmination of her desire to live the examined life. Her classes weave together embodiment practices, functional alignment, breath awareness and teachings from prominent philosophical texts. Her own practice is a blend of meditation, mantra and movement modalities, alongside contemplation and study. She believes that the body can be used as a vehicle for our awakening, and that this power is accessible to everyone through the living tradition of yoga.

Polly completed 300 hours worth of training in Ashtanga Vinyasa at Kranti Yoga in India in 2016. Ever the student, she is currently undertaking advanced training under the guidance of her teachers Tara Judelle and Dr Scott Lyons at the school of Embodied FlowTM.


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UK Retreat, October 2020

A sensory exploration led by Polly and Lily Winslow. Enliven and enrich the living experience by resourcing the senses, bringing your whole self online.


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Polly Butler

International retreat leader, offering an exploration of movement, meditation and contemplation to enrich the living experience.

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